If you're not using this to attract business, you're missing out BIG time...

The not so best kept secret to having a successful businesses or book.

I've been mentoring people for over 12 years now and so much has changed. In fact it keeps changing! But when it comes to books and business there is one thing that hasn't changed and that is this—marketing pulls in business and creates income. 

So why is it that most people I mentor don't actively market each week? Why do they scrap for $$$ each week? Why do they hide when they KNOW their book or what their business offers is amazing? Why do they keep in a state of pain and fear? 

It's so common it's actually almost rare to see someone actively marketing now. 

And there's a few reasons for it but I've found the main ones are; they don't have support and guidance to help them begin, they are so scared of it they just freeze, they don't make time and procrastinate about it mostly due to a lack of self belief, or a lack of understanding on what to do. Even the most experienced marketers shy away from marketing, you would be surprised at how many marketers I mentor who don't market themselves, it's amazing.

Regardless of the reason (because in my experience with my own journey and that of the people I've mentored along the way ALL can be fixed/solved in as little as 30 minutes), nothing gets done and nothing happens as a result. The pain and fear continues, and the dream dies. 

I know this feeling too—I've been there and felt the consequences of it as well. It's not pretty.

MOST people do it. But not marketing won't help your business grow or get exposure and sales of your books, in fact not marketing them will hurt it—greatly. So, I choose to market. I market in my own way, a way that mostly is comfortable and sometimes not so comfortable. But in the spaces where I feel stretched, challenged and uncomfortable, I grow, I learn, I achieve more than I thought I could. No pain, no gain.

Over the last year, I've seen so much of this among my mentorees, that I've fine tuned the way I teach marketing, and guide people through it. We have now taken some of the big headaches and brakes away to make it even easier for people to get in there and give it a go. And giving it a go you must! Honestly, the rewards are soon worth it.

When you've done it once supported and guided along the way, every time thereafter is painless, easy, and flows. Your confidence boosts, your ability and knowledge flourishes and it becomes habitual. 

To begin marketing you need 5 things;

  1. A marketing vehicle from where you can sell/promote your business or book
  2. A program that helps you communicate
  3. A book, product, or service
  4. A 12 month marketing plan 
  5. Time - as little as 3 hours a week will get you on your way

So if your business or book needs a boost, get marketing! If you don't know how, are fearful of it, or need support, contact me! This is what I do, and I'd be more than happy to guide you and teach you how. We can get started as soon as next week.

Book into a 2 month mentoring program, allocate 30 minutes for me to call you and let's begin! You can save up to $200 now by clicking here  and using the code word MARKETING (this offer is valid until the 30th of June) or email me to go on an a hassle free payment program so you can begin ASAP. 

Either way, do yourself a BIG favour and just begin. You'll be so happy you did. 

We'll profile your target market, set up your marketing vehicles, design a 12 month marketing plan and the strategic steps thereafter. It's tax deductible and you'll be in a completely different space in 2 months time. Just imagine actually MAKING money instead of scrapping and struggling every week.

This is how active marketing can change your world. 

Best wishes,


  • Deborah Wheeler

    where do I download the workbook for How to Market your book. Also tried to phone the office and number coming up as not connected. Please help.

  • Sharon Price

    Good morning,
    Please provide details on how the marketing support works, and the cost involved.

    Kind regards,

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