One thing I've learned over the years is that—the more you become aware of who you really are, and live consciously to the beat of your own drum—the more you also become aware of other people's energies, and the impact they have on you. 

Everyone is affected by energy, the whole world is energy! More predominately however, we are affected by other people's energies, mostly without even knowing it. 

I bet like most people you have gone to the shop, or come into contact with someone and left with feeling negative, drained, uncomfortable, anxious, annoyed, etc., without any conscious knowing why. This is a perfect example of another person's energy affecting yours.

To avoid this, I use a simple technique to protect my energy and not allow it to be contaminated (for want of a better word) by other people's energy that could leave me feeling out of balance.

Everyday energy protection. 

1. Take a moment to sit somewhere, close your eyes, visualise the Universal energy around you and through your own energetic space.

2. Visualise white light moving from the Universal energy and penetrating your own. See the white light moving through and around you cocooning you in this lovely, comforting white light. 

This is how you energetically protect yourself from absorbing other people's unfavourable energy. 

Energy protection from sabotagers, bullies, and other malicious influences.

If you are feeling attacked, bullied, then I also visualise a liquid mirror dropping around me like a great big moving egg. I do this when I come into connection with anything or anyone who is potentially conflicting. What this does is 'bounce' off aggressive, sabotaging, malicious actions (seen and not seen) back to the person or influence that they came from. The mirrored egg renders your energy impenetrable to others and anything sent your way is mirrored back to the sender. I've protected my boys like this from time to time over the years if someone at school is bothering them and it works a treat!

Energy protection all Mums should be aware of.

Mums are renowned for giving all that they have (and then some) for their children. We often do way too much, way too often. Our natural need/desire to protect our children from harm, from other people, from making mistakes, from learning their own lessons, from pain, sadness and challenge eradicating ANYTHING that is burdening them means we often act as a surrogate energy conduit for them too.


In simple terms it basically means we take on any of their issues, trials, tribulations etc., which zaps our energy and leaves us feeling shattered, fatigued, exhausted, annoyed, highly strung, or depressed. 

To avoid this and retain your energy keeping your energetic space free, clear and clean—you need only visualise that person attached to you with a energetic cord (or if easier, a rope coming from their body to yours). Then you simply de-tach the energetic cord or pull the rope from your energy and gently allow it to recoil back into their energy. You're not cutting 'ties' with that person, you're just reclaiming your energy so you can support, help from a better more empowered 'protected' space. 


This can also happen with other family, friends and colleges. Every time you take on someone's issues, you are energetically surrogating. 

The other thing I use often are crystals. Crystals are a brilliant source of protection for your body, mind and soul. There are literally LOADS of crystals you can use for energetic protection - too many to share here, but some great starters are Lapis Lazuli, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated Quartz, Jet Stone, Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Jasper, Black Onyx, Bloodstone, Emerald, Labradorite, Malachite, Peridot, Black Kyanite, Bornite, Celestite and Citrine.


By taking these simple protective steps - you will feel more 'you', happier, more balanced, lighter, clearer in your thoughts and actions, along with a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Keep your energy safe and clear so you can not only be all you can for you, but for others too!

Best wishes,

Author, Mentor, Mum

Feel free to share this blog along with my website address to help others. 




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