Well here we are girls! Back into the swing of things after a busy school holidays. No doubt you have dreams, wishes and goals in your mind about what you want to see this year for yourself and your family. 

It takes a little time to get into the rhythm and flow of the year again. Some of you will have found your footing and be well on your way to ticking off actions that get you one step closer to where you want to be in alignment with who you really are .. inside. Some of you will be still feeling a little displaced, lost and unclear as to what you want, how you can become more of yourself and how you can achieve some of the things you have been pondering on. 

Now that routine has been established, it’s your time now to really think about what you want out of this year. You know that only you can bring about happiness in your world, so if steps need to be taken then you need to take them. Results and accomplishments and ultimately dreams only come to fruition with effort, with action, with work. 

As much as we would love to think that if we think positively, speak of what we want (not of what we don’t want), say affirmations and surround ourselves with motivating and inspiring prompts such as quotes and vision boards – which are all important – it’s really the effort you put in that will get you over the line. 

Don’t think for a minute that a successful business woman has it all together, because I mentor many women of the like that don’t. It doesn’t matter if you own a business, work for someone else or are at home with kids – we all need to do the work, put in the effort and take action to keep evolving, growing, learning, achieving, and discovering more and more of ourselves. Everyone has their challenges, EVERYONE!

I could say you’re no different from me or anyone else you see, but I won’t because you ARE different. Each of us has a purpose, each of us has something to offer, to contribute and the ability to make a difference. In living this purpose out loud you fill your soul’s cup, you experience happiness and you help others be more of themselves too. 

In my experience with mentoring women – the hardest place is always the beginning. Once you have clarity, have a plan that is achievable, know what steps to take, how and when, you not only have momentum, you get excited! 

But that’s not the only thing. One other thing that was glaringly obvious to me last year with most of the women I helped was this… 

Almost every single one of them had friends, really good friends; yet, not one of them was confident in sharing what they really wanted to achieve with them. They talked about kids, partners etc with each other, but rarely talked about their personal dreams, goals and aspirations. They felt supported when it came to personal issues, but almost all of them had NO support, direction, guidance, or motivation to become more of themselves and achieve their inner most dreams amongst their circle of friends or family. Sadly, in a lot of cases it was the reverse. If they did pluck up the courage to share a goal or inner thought, they were shut down or the their circle felt threatened by ‘change’ and fearful of losing the person they had in their lives if they did actually achieve that goal. 

As women, we do, do, do, do, give, give, give, give so much of ourselves that we deplete ourselves of energy, space, love, time and clarity of how we really are. Replenishment is vital. Time doing something that is for you is vital. Getting enough sleep and looking after yourself is vital. Having your own goals and working towards them with support and encouragement is vital. Otherwise you lose yourself, you become off balanced, tied, cranky, unhealthy and can’t contribute your full worth to yourself and others. 

So this week – invest some time (it doesn’t have to be much), some space (to get clear on who you are and what you want for yourself this year), some energy (to do something that contributes towards achieving that), be more conscious of loving who you are right at this moment, and figure out who in your circle CAN cheer you on, who IS happy and will be excited by you kicking goals.

This life is important, YOU are important, what you have to offer and contribute is important. The ripple you send out into the Universe and to others DOES make an impact. Live, don’t just exist, we need you! We need you to be who you really are. When you do, life celebrates with you. 

Believe in yourself, know you are here for a very important purpose. 

You are special, and you have the ability to do whatever it is you want to do. You just need to take a deep breathe and go for it!

And remember...

'Nothing has more of an impact on getting where you want to be faster, than learning from someone who's already been there and lived it themselves. Mentors not only fast track your path to success, but give you the confidence you need by helping you visualize more clearly. I have to be honest, if it wasn't for my mentors I'd still be working at a coffee shop today' Anthony Morrison.

Shine on sistas!

If you need some help, sing out, I’m more than happy to mentor you and ensure 2017 is amazing! info@rachaelbermingham.com


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