Knowing your personality and that of your family & work mates is important- here's why....

I've been mentoring for over 12 years now, many of the people I've mentored over the years struggle with knowing who they are, and who others are in their world.

The issue with this is—if you don't really know who you are or the person you're communicating with, then HOW do you ensure it's a successful interaction?

When I say successful, I mean any of the following; happy, positive, profitable, comfortable, loving, honest, value added etc.

Knowing how to communicate with others for a positive outcome, or even just knowing themselves well enough to make great decisions on where they need to head, is super important to goal setting and achieving, not to mention general life happiness. 

One of the first things I do when working with anyone is to profile their personality. Mostly I can figure out which main personality type they are (Popular, Powerful, Peaceful, Perfect) within minutes of talking with them. Very rarely it takes more digging—most people's personalities are on show for the world to see. Once you know what each personality is like, you can spot them a mile away. The best thing about this is, you'll be able to understand how to communicate effectively with that type of personality, what they like, what they don't, what sings to them, what motivates them, what inspires them, what their priorities are, and a long list of other insights.

Alli Mooney wrote about personalities
in my first co-written book called
Read My Lips' which you can
pick up here online.

If you're in business it's so valuable to know which personality type your team member is. It not only brings about a more productive workplace, but team harmony is balance—everyone's happy because they understand where each person is coming from, what each person's strengths/weaknesses/priorities are, and what type of communication resonates with each person for effective outcomes—even if it's as simple as how they like to be greeted in the morning!

Knowledge is power, and understanding your own personality and those of the people around you is a key ingredient in personal and professional balance with every person you come into contact with. Check out the book Read My Lips for heaps more info on this.

I've also sourced a great online personality test so you can test yourself, and see exactly what kind of personality you have! I would HIGHLY recommend everyone you hire in the future does this test.

You have to ensure that people are placed in the right positions—not just based on their experience, but their personality too! It could save you a whole lot of drama you don't need! Here is the online test - I'm “The Protagonist” - feel free to look that up when you get to the site so you know what I'm about :-) Feel free to tell me what personality you are in the comments below - let's get to know each other!



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