My declaration about the C bomb...

Someone said to me a few weeks ago 'put that in your next book!'—well I might not put all of my fodder in a book, but chances are it WILL end up somewhere—maybe in one of these blogs, or one of my articles. Like a radio journo will talk about what's happened in their life, or what's on their mind on their radio show, as an author—I will most probably write about it.😄

This week a girlfriend and I were talking about words—in particular the C word and how this generation coming into adulthood use it so often.

In our day, the word c**t was used so rarely that no one really even knew what it meant. The real bad word back then (used sparingly) was fuck. I remember when I was a kid if my Dad pulled out the F word (or any adult actually), it was a BIG deal! To this day, I can only remember Dad dropping the F bomb maybe a hand full of times, and even today if he said it, it would sound super weird. 

As kids we never used the F word it. Our go to words were 'shit' or 'bloody' and that was more than enough for us. Now however, my generation use the word fuck all the time—it's just another word to me now, the shock factor went long ago when society normalised it, I normalised it.

Our children's generation (mostly teens we've established in our 'solving the problems of the world' conversation this week ) throw the C bomb around like it's lolly water. It's one of those words that still makes me, and most of my girlfriends catch our breathe, and feel just a little uncomfortable. Not our kids though, they are totally chilled with it.

I remember the first time I heard the C bomb (outside of school) from an adult—I was in grade 9 working in my school holiday/weekend job at a Maroochydore boutique. I'd only just started working there and was being guided along by this gorgeous, stylish, nurturing, fun and happy woman called Gillian who I idolised. She was one of those women that all women aspired to be. She had the looks, the body, the car, the personality, the money, she was independent and had everything (and she really did as I found out from many years of being her friend)—she was such a delight to work with. She was only working in the boutique for a few months to help her brother (one of the bosses) who I had met only a few times. 

It was a beautiful, easy, peaceful Sunday morning, just me and Gillian working away when her brother came into the shop on his way to his church mass. He flew in like he was on speed—ranting and raving, flapping his arms around like a bloody crazy man, screaming blue murder at Gillian for something that was so ridiculous (and something the other boss did, so it turned out).

This man was a tyrant, highly emotional yet emotionally immature, and prone to outbursts. You never really knew what side of him you were going to get, and this day, in amongst his mega meltdown he spat the C bomb out like he had to use up his yearly quota all in the one hour. I honestly just starred at him, mouth gapping open, eyes wide in total disbelief.

Gillian to her credit, didn't batter a pretty eyelid, clearly used to his tantrums, it was almost like she didn't even see him, or hear him. She certainly didn't entertain his craziness, not even a second of it. That woman had class! The impact of his tanty didn't have an effect on Gill, but 32 years later I still remember it well, so it definitely had an impact on me. 

That's why maybe in all of the years since I've used the C bomb maybe 5 times, most of which were in the last few years (sorry to burst your bubble, I'm hardly a Puritan). 

I know some men say it to each other as a term of ...endearment 🤔, but as a woman, it's one of those words I would always use super sparingly due to (in my opinion) it's immense power.

I just think some words should be reserved for moments that really justify them, or be used when truly earned such as words like hero, champion, legend and declarations like 'I love you'. 

It might be the author in me (or maybe I just place high value on words) but when I use these words or declarations—I really mean them on a deep soul level. I am thoughtful, very thoughtful, normally before speaking, and even more thoughtful before writing. I don't throw my words around, or overuse them, or say them just to make someone feel special. No, that's not who I am. In fact, it shits me to tears when I hear people use these words and statements every day like they're like any other word. It leaves me questioning what words do they have left that are reserved for special moments? Any, none? How do people REALLY know when they are being authentic, real, honest, when they TRULY mean...anything?  

Rest assured, you will know with me.  If I call you a hero, legend, champion, tell you what a great job you did, tell you I love you, or you are the recipient of my 6th c bomb in history, you'll know you've wholeheartedy and truly earned it. 

Peace out lovers!

Keep it real.




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