I didn't die, I just got better....

Throwback to my 2nd skydive with Tibor Glesk. I can’t remember a time I felt fear quite like those minutes when I was in the plane & they were prepping me to jump out. (Ok maybe the days leading up to have my twins naturally may have been on par 😱lol). 

It’s so bloody terrifying, your mind is screaming at you to STOP, shouting ‘what are you fricken doing woman???!!!!’.

Your body goes into pre-shock shaking & baulking at the thought of what’s to come next. It’s a total mental cluster fuck. It’s frightening the first time, worse the second & the 3rd time I did it went against everything—my mind, body AND spirit...I had to just go into a zen state to even get ON the plane! Somehow I pushed through it to climb aboard for yet another charitable cause just to jump out again.

And....I didn’t die, I just got a whole lot better!

Skydiving is like life—we have opportunities come up that bring us to a screaming stop, paralyse us in fear, have our mental communication at an all time high raving & ranting for no other reason than to keep us playing at the same level. To keep in our financial lanes, keep in our health lane, keep in our social lane, keep in our life lane which can become boring as bat shit & prevent us from experiencing being ourselves to our fullest potential.

It’s the moments right in the core of that fear & as we take that first fearful step that are where we find the gold. After we have pushed through the overwhelming fear, beaten the paralysis of it and leapt, that is when we really grow. We get excited, we discover how tough, courageous, able, awesome & how fricken amazing we really are. Surprise turns to confidence which gives us even more momentum to achieve things we never thought possible. 

So next time fear presents itself, remember it's a veil just begging you to pull it back and leap forward into your own potential. Feel the fear & do it anyway—you'll be stoked you did!

* If you need someone to hold your hand to help you take that first step—sing out, I'd love to mentor you through it. Mentoring bookings can be made here


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