Gratefulness and the impact it has on our lives

Do you think we are all born with a natural ability to practise gratefulness? 

I don't.

I think it's one of life's secrets to happiness and success that sits right in front of our face until it finally hits us (normally after teaching us a big bloody lesson about loss, which in effect is a big bloody lesson about being grateful). It's only then we get it, and then spend our days practising it until it becomes habitual, and effortless. 

Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I'm reminded that gratefulness—in particular, the consistent practice of gratefulness is the very key to drawing more of what you want into your world. The more mindful I am on pausing to be grateful the better life feels. 

It seems so simple that you think surely there's got to be more to it. But no, there actually isn't. If you're unsure I urge you to give it a go. Find something to be grateful for every hour of the day (more if you can), and watch your world change. Such a small change in your day can make a MAMMOTH difference to your whole world.  

  • Journal your gratefulness daily.
  • Speak your gratefulness every opportunity.
  • Show your gratefulness.

Become so schooled in the practise of gratefulness that it flows in abundance from you with heart, soul, love, authenticity, and ease, because that one habit will send regular messages to the universe that you want more of the things that you're grateful for, and feel good about doing, having, seeing and being. 

Focus—be conscious, be mindful, be disciplined, and speak/think/write/share your gratefulness, and then come back in 3 days time and tell me how much better your life has become. Remember to immerse yourself in the 'feeling' of gratefulness each time also to maximise the power of the change. Placing yourself in the middle of feeling total gratitude will change everything for you!

I'm off to do a mediation on all the things I am grateful for and as I come to the things I want to experience, feel and have again, I'lll be saying "more of this please! 👏🏻🙏🏻💕).

'Thanks' for reading my blog 😁 

What do you want more of?



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