Are you hiding behind your story? Your own bullshit?

Oh what a month, actually what a few months!

I've been through a truly shitty 8 weeks, it sucks worse than dogs balls (so a friend of mine so eloquently put it 😄). I make light of it, but it's got to be the worst phase I've been through in years, or at least since I was 19—and no, I'm not even half kidding, I really wish I was. There's been a million tears, pain, depression—the works. It wasn't pretty trust me 😭.

But I'm not going to come here and put you on a downer—that's not my souls purpose. My purpose is to enlighten you, provoke inspiration, questions, motivation, help and support you to live a better, happier, more enriched life. So even though you might want to hear my dirt, I'm not going to share it. I'm more of a sand kinda girl. What I AM going to share with you is WHY I went through it, because at the end of the day, that's all that matters—the WHY. 

And the WHY of it is that I was standing behind my own bullshit story for far too long.

There are many reasons why we stand being our own bullshit stories, none of them are worth the time and effort to talk about because they are ALL excuses. Excuses that cost us health, happiness, prosperity, success, balance, empowerment, love and the list goes on. 

Often we wait for trauma, a tragedy, or some other MASSIVE kick up the ass from life (because we're not bloody listening or getting it!) to face up to our bullshit stories, change them, and flick them.

But what if we did the work before we got a hefty kick up the ass? Well that would look like learning with joy and inspiration—not pain and suffering. Who wants more of the later—hands up!...Anyone??? Yeah me neither, I'll opt out of that in future as well. Give me joy and inspiration ANY day.

Facing our bullshit story takes courage, a deep breathe (actually a fair few of them), and then walking forward into the unknown, and feeling your fear and doing it anyway.

It also means you may need support—I know I definitely do. There are very few people around that can do this without support, and unfortunately that's something else most of us suck at (along with the not listening thing)—asking and reaching out for support. I know I'm crap at it, and so are most of my girlfriends. We tell each other how crap we are at it often!

Thankfully I have my awesome fivesome who don't piss in my pocket, and will call me on my bullshit and tell me what I NEED to hear, not what I want to hear (thanks Mandy, Boofy, Claire, Jules & Susan), always with love, even if it is accompanied with a smack upside the head. And when I want to truly level up, I reach out to a mentor (thanks Raelene for my mind, and Mel for my body).

So whatever bullshit story you are telling yourself to keep playing small, being small, procrastinating, hiding, making excuses, or blaming others, or ANYTHING that prevents you from stepping in to the person you truly are, stop it! Face it, change it and grow from it before life gets it's king size shoe out and kicks you up the ass!

Call this your pre-kick up the ass wake up call! Good luck with that 😉



Don't have a mentor? Reach out to me here...


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