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Welcome to Women with Spirit level 2!

This program is specifically for ladies who have completed the Women with Spirit level 1 program. If you haven't completed level 1, please register here

Over 4 weeks, we will be taking your goals (as per the Life By Design activity - where I will be this time next year) and we will be extrapolating out the steps, implementing them as well as covering the following;

  • Money, your relationship with it, steps to increase your wealth
  • Uncovering your personality strengths
  • Balance - let's by your some time and reduce your stress
  • Anxiety - when, why and how it comes into your world and what to do to reduce it
  • Vibrational elevation - the latent super power you need to know and access

And more! Of course!

This new program will begin on Tuesday the 26th of June at 8.15pm.

I look forward to mentoring you over the next 4 weeks!