Breathe life into your business - promote it!

For people who have already completed the business mentoring program, new or established business owners, sole traders, small or medium sized business owners who wish to level up their playing field. This program is also perfect for authors about to release or promote their book.  

During the course of this mentoring program you will learn how to;

  • Establish what marketing tools you need
  • Attract more of the type of clientele you want and need
  • Fine tune your target market, and discover what marketing will be best for each of your products and services
  • Design a 12 month targeted marketing plan with online and offline marketing strategies that compliment each other, and are easy to put into place
  • Create new products that your audience wants and needs
  • Establish better marketing content to help you attract more clients and exposure for your business
  • Trial, test and measure your marketing efforts
  • Use a host of marketing strategies 

I will also be;
* Reviewing your current products and services and guiding you on how to re-vamp them to be more beneficial and valuable to your customers, and more profitable for your business
* Appraising your online presence and teaching you strategies that will monetise and increase traffic and exposure that are congruent with your big vision and marketing plan 

More about Marketing Mentoring;

Marketing is one of those things most people fear. I have mentored everyone from people who are just starting out or those who have been in business for many years, to people who have no idea about marketing or on the other end of the scale— marketers themselves! 

The thing about marketing is this—once you know how, it's easy! When people begin with me, they are so nervous, overwhelmed by the thought of marketing and almost EVERYONE procrastinates about beginning marketing. It's such a delight to see my mentorees relax and breathe a sigh of relief after their first session. They become excited because they can see it's not as mammoth as what they expected.

Marketing is about consistency. After some trialling and testing, you discover what works best and do much the same things over and over again moving along to different target audiences along the way.

It's not difficult, it does however involve action, effort and sometimes you do need to step outside of your comfort zone—after this everything else is a walk in the park, it's just knowing what to do, and how to do it. That is why having a mentor throughout is important—you will be supported, encouraged and guided the whole way along.

During the course of this program I will be showing you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I will guide you every step of the way so your marketing ability develops and grows. By the end of the program, you will learn HEAPS and be confident to continue on implementing your marketing and getting the results you want.  

Marketing is simplistic - the effort you put in will determine your results. If you're prepared to level up your business and put in some time to make it happen, you can expect more rewards than you could dream!  

Each client has different needs and this program is tailor made to where you're at and what you wish to achieve. 

During the course of this program, we can cover a whole anything from;

  • Marketing plans
  • Online marketing 
  • Offline marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Media releases
  • Marketing resources to help you
  • Database marketing
  • Targeted marketing
  • Advance information sheets
  • Book relevant marketing
  • Marketing content 

No one has time to throw around, and we all want our goals to manifest FAST, but few have the understanding and know how to do it independently, let alone do it quickly. Most people I have come into contact with need support, direction, and encouragement. Mentoring provides that and a whole lot more!

What is included;
* Weekly (or if required twice weekly) 15 x 30 minute private over the phone mentoring sessions (or 7 1/2 1 hour sessions )
* A weekly session overview and action checklist emailed to you
* Review of activities from each session
* Access to relevant resources where needed 
* Phone and email support throughout the 8 week duration of your mentoring program

What to know;
* Each session is pre-scheduled during business hours Monday to Thursday.
* Pay $2299 now or opt for a payment plan for a slightly more investment of $599 initially followed by $115 per week instalments over 15 weeks. Please email us if you wish to take up this option. 
* Please note a solid business foundation is essential before marketing mentoring can commence. If you don't feel you have this in place, you will need to do this business mentoring program prior to commencing the marketing mentoring.
* A website will also be required, if you don't have one, please email us before beginning this program.

I look forward to mentoring you!
Best wishes,


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