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A cost effective and great way to experience mentoring!

This option is available for anyone who has not had a mentoring session with Rachael previously. You will be surprised at what we can cover in just 30 minutes!

I can help you with;

  • Gaining clarity - know where you're going and what you want
  • Find your purpose
  • Design a plan to achieve your goals that will motivate and inspire you
  • Begin implementing strategies to achieve these goals
  • Develop better money management skills
  • Find more time for you and what you really want to do
  • How to develop relationships that empower and support you
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Target market profiling
  • Balance
  • Systems
  • Time Management
  • Team positioning 
  • Product development
  • Writing a book

*Spaces are limited - this option is only available to those who have never had a mentoring session with Rachael.

Perfect for those who have never had a mentor before and want to experience what it's like and get help, direction and support quickly!

  • 30 minute private one on one with Rachael via phone
  • Your overview and strategy emailed to you after your session
  • Please note - no reviewing or ongoing support is available with this option. For ongoing support, please see mentoring options here