Build it and they will come! Build your income and wealth on your own terms, doing what you love.

For people who wish to start a business of their own, or who have already started a business and need support in establishing a stronger, more monetised foundation.

In this mentoring program you will; 

* Gain clarity on what your business is, and what you want from it
* Develop a solid business structure that supports you, your clients, and your team
* Develop an amazing business brand
* Find out who your target market is through my profiling activity
* Create new products and services including passive income earners
* Understand and learn how online & offline marketing work and which strategies will be best for you in the growing of your business
* What systems you need to support your business success.
* How to schedule your time effectively so you can fit everything and everyone in—including you, without feeling overwhelmed
* Goal setting and benchmarking

More about Business Mentoring;

Most people in business look at other business people and think they have it all together, business is booming, life is great!

The reality is, for the most part—it is totally untrue. I know this intimately, not only from my own experiences of challenging times, but also from the thousands of business people I've met, talked with, mentored or helped over the years. All too often the reality is that their business is bleeding them of time, money or energy—sometimes all 3 and more! That includes everyone from those turning over millions to those just starting out.

Being in business can be challenging, starting out in business can be a minefield and soul destroying if you don't have support, guidance or the courage to get help when you need it. Not asking questions or getting help in business can literally see you struggle, burn out of energy, time, money, inspiration, drive and passion—all of which you need if you're to have a flourishing business.

But again, most people I've spoken with are too nervous, shy, or embarrassed to ask questions or for help, so they struggle alone in the battle—they wing it, bash their way through like a ping pong ball in a piney machine, they get lost, they feel lonely and unsupportive, and ultimately end up burning out or losing their desire and close up shop prematurely.

I know this all too well, because at one point that was me too! I've made loads of mistakes over my 20 something years in business, some of the truly simple ones have cost me the most. That's why I rate mentoring so highly—if I had a mentor back in those times, I would have avoided them, and saved myself not only the pain of those mistakes, but also the insane, and unnecessary money losses I incurred as a result of them.

Business success comes from keeping things simple and having a clear, strong and supportive foundation that helps you go about your business in the best, most effective and most profitable way.

Business success is holistic—it's having that sheer excitement in your soul, passion in your purpose, celebration from the rewards of your efforts, a drive to begin work that lights you up, and the thing I love the most—a deep soulful gratitude that you get to do what you love every week and at the same time help, and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Now THAT is the best bit by far! 

Getting yourself set up correctly can see you and your business flourish—just as it's meant to be! Having simple and effective strategies in place helps you attain business success and the by product is watching the money come effortlessly in. 

Business mentoring is a key ingredient to a healthy business. Every business person I mentor CRAVES for support, someone to talk to openly about their challenges, their hopes, their dreams—without feeling shut down, awkward, uncomfortable, dismissed, ridiculed, humiliated, embarrassed. Business owners are intelligent, they don't need a hand out, they're prepared to do what it takes, all they need is a hand up. 

Business mentoring provides that along with honest conversation, relevant and dynamic feedback, a safe space to talk freely, uninhibited about anything and everything. In mentoring you are given strategies, direction and guidance that light a fire under your feet so your soul is ignited, and your passion for what you do best drives you to achieve things you didn't think were possible. It helps you unlock your true potential and discover your capacity to do, be and have more than you ever dreamed of.

In this mentoring program, you will gain more clarity about where you're headed than you've ever had before. You will have more confidence, more drive, more ambition, more purpose, more buzz in your world than you can remember in years!

I will be guiding you step-by-step on the strategies you implement with encouragement, support, honesty, enthusiasm and confidentiality.

Together, we'll move mountains, shatter blockages, resistance, and things that have held you back.  

The beauty about mentoring is it that it's for everyone, and if you haven't had a mentor then you're in the minority these days. It's about time you gave yourself a breakthrough. It's time to invest in yourself, and your dreams. It's time you achieved what you really want. 

In this mentoring program we can cover a LOT of ground!

Each mentoring client I have has different needs, but within business mentoring we can tackle anything business based including;

  • Clarity and direction
  • Specific goals that align with who you are and what you really want 
  • Business structure
  • Business systems
  • Business branding 
  • Target market profiling 
  • Product development
  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Money management
  • Time management
  • Team positioning

No one has time to throw around, and we all want our goals to manifest FAST, but few have the understanding and know how to do it independently, let alone do it quickly. Most people I have come into contact with need support, direction, and encouragement. Mentoring provides that and a whole lot more.

What is included;
* Weekly (or if required twice weekly) 10 x 30 minute private over the phone mentoring sessions (or 5 x 1 hour sessions)
* A weekly session overview and action checklist emailed to you
* Review of activities from each session
* Access to relevant resources where needed 
* Phone and email support throughout the duration of your mentoring program (approx 1-2 months depending on how often and long your calls are)

What to know;
* Each session is pre-scheduled during business hours Monday to Thursday.
* Pay $5597 now, or opt for a payment plan - Please email us if you wish to take up this option.
* Marketing is NOT covered in this mentoring program—I have a mentoring program specifically for marketing only. To access this, please click here. Please note a solid business foundation as above is essential before marketing mentoring can commence. If you don't feel you have this in place, you will need to do this business mentoring prior to commencing the marketing mentoring.

I look forward to mentoring you!
Best wishes,


What to know;
* Each session is pre-scheduled during business hours Monday to Thursday.
*  All software, design, content and some resources are at additional fees if required directly with Rachael or via 3rd parties. If additions are required, training will be given where necessary.



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