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Transform your idea into a book!

Perfect for people who have been dreaming of writing a book but don't know where, or how to get started. 

Each week for 4 weeks, you will join me on a live video class where you will see me and my screen live in real time so you can see exactly what we're doing each week, how to do it, where and why we do it, AND because it's live, you can ask questions along the way!

In this 4 week GROUP writing program I will walk you through;

  • Organising your ideas
  • Book planning
  • Book layout
  • Manuscript components
  • Book editing
  • Book formatting
  • Book design
  • The things you need before you market your book
  • Publishing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Sales and ordering systems
  • Ebooks
  • Printing information
  • The book production process
  • Book covers
  • Book synopsis
  • International book tracking systems
  • Book retailing communication
  • Book signings
  • Book events

And to be honest there is so much more including speaking, networking etc. 

What is included;
* Weekly 40 minute group videoclass (1 per week for 4 weeks on Wednesdays)
* A weekly session overview and action checklist emailed to you
* Review of activities from each session
* Access to relevant resources where needed 
* Email support throughout the 4 week duration of your mentoring program

What to know;
* Each session is recorded in case you can't make a session. 
* Marketing is not covered in this mentoring program—I have a mentoring program specifically for marketing only. To access this, please click on the dropdown mentoring tab.

I look forward to mentoring you!
Best wishes,