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“Because of your program I wrote my book in 12 weeks, after it had been a dream for 12 months. For that I will always be grateful xx” Lisa-Marie Kerr

You’ve been thinking about it for months, for years maybe! It’s been on the ‘to do’ list for what seems like forever, and you know what you want to write about and you’re ready to get started but need some support—some direction…..

You’ve told friends and family at numerous get togethers about your awesome idea for your book, and are now cringing when they give you that gentle reminder every now again asking how it’s progressing.

It’s something you have wanted to do for so long, it’s more than credibility for your business, extra income or to establish yourself as an author; it’s a goal, it’s a dream and you know what? It could be the next BESTSELLING BOOK just waiting for you to give it a chance to bring to life and shine!

“How great it is to be truly getting on with my book!
Thanks for the great ‘arse kicking’ I need it!”

Karen Frankel

So why is your book not at the printers NOW? Why? 

It’s not easy starting something that you’ve never done before—where do you start?

HOW do you start?

You probably have a million questions like these and need some guidance, but you want it from someone who has done it, has written books, an expert in their field.


It’s a BIG task (without understanding the full process) that can be made simple with the right guidance and support.

Over the years I’ve mentored hundreds of new and experienced authors, and helped them write and market their own books. I have developed this awesome 12—week step-by-step program to walk ANY author through the process of writing their book AND finishing it!!!

I have trialled this fantastic writing course with hundreds of authors and I KNOW and THEY know it works! The proof is in all their amazing books.

Some are already enjoying the experience of being a bestselling author—selling hundreds of thousands of copies, and you can too!

You now have the chance to take part in this program yourself—from home, from ANYWHERE and write your very own book with my help, guidance and support, and all at your own pace, and at a fraction of the cost of most online writing programs!

Each week you will be guided through what you need to do, beginning with your book idea, research, and book planning before we move into the writing portion of the course. During the course, you will also have the chance to email me what you have written so I can check out where you’re up to and give you feedback on how your book is looking to ensure you’re not left wondering ‘is it any good?’.  

Your work is confidential and not scrutinised by other writers.

NO other program gives you the opportunity to have your work reviewed by a bestselling author/publisher/distributor/book marketer which is a BIG plus for you and will give you the edge you need in setting your book up for bestselling success!

“You really made my day when I received such a good response to my writing. It has made me more determined to get it done as soon as I can. Within 2 hours I was able to reach 1500 words without even trying. It is flowing, thank for your encouraging words”
Rosemary McLean

In this program you will be taken step-by step through:

  • Researching your book
  • Planning
  • How to set up your manuscript
  • Drafting your book
  • Writing your book
  • The book production process
  • Publishing
  • Self-publishing + SO MUCH MORE!

“Thank you so much. Really appreciate and value your guidance. I’m stoked! Thank you again” Yamini Naidu

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Every Sunday you will receive your next steps toward writing your very own book. You can pause the course at any time and re-commence it as soon as you are ready. Write day or night, whatever suits you! 

Ready to share your fantastic story with the world?!! 

Most online writing programs start at $250, however you can begin writing your book today for just $67! That’s less than $1 a day that could reap a lucrative income into the millions!

Plus! You won’t be left stranded with a completed manuscript! You will have access to our incredible team of editors, designers and formatters who can transform your manuscript once you’ve finished it, into an amazing book you can be proud of!

Start writing your book now!