Book Production

Our team of incredible editors, designers and book typesetters will take great care in bringing your book to life!

"Rachael Bermingham is one of those rare people who is able to envisage and bring to life the vision you have for your book. I’d like to thank Rachael and her team of editors and designers at Bermingham Books for their endless support and encouragement during the creative process of publishing The Soul Code — 33 Days. The end result, a beautiful book, I feel connected to and proud of. I couldn’t be happier." Marlene Harvey, The Soul Code - 33 Days

We make the book production process incredibly easy for you, AND we ensure it is way more cost effective than most production or publishing houses too!

I have been fortunate enough over the past 12 years to be involved in the book industry from every aspect—writing, editing, formatting, design, marketing, distribution, retailing, publishing, and self-publishing. I love overseeing every manuscript that comes in and liaise directly with you the whole way through.

'I finally got my Book.... a real Book! I received the proof a few days ago. What a great visual work. What a great story! I really would like to thank you so much for your Input and help from A to Z. Without you I never would have fulfilled my dream......and now I am keen to do another one! You are a fantastic bunch of creators, and I would like to thank you so much for everything! All the best, Uwe' Uwe Wullfen, The Last Days of the Old Cuba

You can engage our amazing production team for;

  • Book editing
  • Front cover, spine and back cover design
  • Internal content typesetting
  • Whole book design
  • eBook conversion design

You have the freedom to book each service individually, or all together as a package depending on your time frame and budget.

Regardless of the service, you retain all the rights and content to all your own work (even after we have designed the book), and we will keep you in the loop fully throughout each stage while our team brings out the best in your work.

There are no contracts and no hassles!

Work with our dynamic, hands on and SUPER passionate team to give your book that special quality and professional insight that only an experienced, knowledgeable team can offer.

We ensure every book that we work on goes from good to GREAT!

Our pricing is in most cases far less than other production houses because we have less expenses. Once upon a time, it would cost close to $20,000 to self-publish a book which is insane! Thankfully, those days are gone with us! We can completely transform your manuscript into an incredible book from just $3000 + GST, and that’s complete—ready for you to take to your own printer. OR as mentioned, you can select from one of our packages below, and let us manage the printing process for you. Easy and hassle free!

We look forward to hearing from you!

“After much investigation around publishing options I decided to go with Rachael Bermingham to take care of the cover, editing and formatting of my book Separated by Work - The essential handbook that helps every family to survive and thrive through FIFO. I was very impressed with the service Rachael and her team offered and they all genuinely cared about my book.  I would recommend Rachael’s publishing packages to anyone who is looking to put out a premium product and receive top shelf guidance, whilst staying in control and having complete ownership of their work - self publishing with expert backing! When I received my first shipment of books I was so proud of the end product. I cannot thank Rachael enough for her publishing service that had a big part in getting this book to such a high standard ready to go out to help FIFO organisations, workers and families." Kirsty O'Callaghan, Separated By Work




For the uninitiated, here is how the book production process works with us;

  • Content editing (approx 4-7 weeks)
  • Editing review and finalisation (approx 1-2 weeks)
  • Internal formatting (approx 4-5 weeks)
  • Front cover design (approx 1-2 weeks)
  • Book file finalisation (approx 1 week)
  • eBook conversion (approx 2 weeks)
  • Printing (approx 4-5 weeks)



    We offer a range of production services and packages. You can use each service on it's own, or you can choose from our fabulous cost effective production packages as follows;


    • Copy editing (grammar, punctuation, word usage, and spelling)
    • Internal formatting
    • Front cover design
    • ebook conversion
    • Author production email assistance and support throughout the production process

    Standard packages begin from $3779  +GST for a payment in full before you begin 
    * This investment fee is based on a standard sized book of less than 50,000 words with no images illustrations or graphics.
    * Package price is based on full payment before you begin.
    * A payment plan option is available with a commencement deposit at a slightly higher package price—payment instalments will vary based upon the length of payment plan—email us for details.
    * ISBN and barcode fees are additional to this package.
    * Book indexing is not included in this package.
    * For terms and conditions, or to begin, please email us.



    • Developmental editing (content evaluation, copy organisation, structure, flow, duplication, improvement suggestions to work if required, grammar, spelling, punctuation) 
    • Internal formatting 
    • Front cover design 
    • ebook conversion  
    • Author website (similar to this one)
    • Newsletter and database set up
    • Author social media set up
    • Author production email assistance and support throughout production
    • Author over the phone mentoring and training on social media, the website and database system

    Ultimate packages begin from $6675 for a payment in full before you begin 
    * This investment fee is based on a standard sized book of less than 50,000 words with no images illustrations or graphics.
    * Price is based on full payment before you begin.
    * A payment plan option is available with a commencement deposit at a slightly higher package price—payment instalments will vary based upon the length of payment plan—email us for details.
    * ISBN and barcode fees are additional to this package.
    * Indexing is not included in this package.
    * Website hosting, apps, domain and ISBN, barcode fees are additional to this package.
    * Author will supply images and basic content to be used on the website.
    * For terms and conditions, or to begin, please email us.




    Editing is a vital component in the production of your book. As authors we look at our work for so long, changing it, improving it, painstakingly going over and over it for any errors to make sure our work is just right. We THINK it's perfect, then our manuscripts are handed over to the editing department—what a shock that is!

    It never ceases to amaze me (and every author I know), just how much we miss, regardless of the time spent checking it, double and triple checking it (probably more like the 10,000th time!) only to see all the editing mark ups on it when it returns from my editor. That's a GREAT thing! We WANT our work to be the best it can be. We don't want people reading our books and getting side tracked because of too many mistakes. We want them focused on our work and what we did well, not our mistakes and what we didn't do well. That's why editing is so important.

    Editors ensure your message, story or content shines, is easy to read, makes sense, flows, and is engaging. Some authors need only copy editing for their book, while others need full comprehensive editing. Editing is the first part of the book production process and takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks to complete for the first round of editing. To have your book edited, please email us the following;

    • Your manuscript - preferably in a Word document
    • Your timeline of when you need your manuscript back by


      How the editing process works with us... 

    • You finish your manuscript (complete with all components—if you're unsure what components of the manuscript you need such as table of contents, prologue, introduction, preface, foreword etc., please pick up a copy of my book How to Write Your Book which will explain each component and if you need it or not)
    • You email your manuscript to us—we check it and provide a quote you for the type of editing you require before commencement—50% of the fee is to be paid before work commences. The balance is paid upon completion. 
    • The manuscript goes into editing (approx 3-5 weeks)
    • The manuscript is then emailed back to you for review of all edits and suggestions from the editor
    • You review, approve, amend edits
    • The editor updates the manuscript and it's sent back to you finalised. You pay the balance owing from your editing invoice and you're ready to move into formatting and design.



      Book design varies from book to book. Some books require the content of the manuscript to be designed in a standard format, however other authors like their books to be more creatively presented. There are a lot of elements to book design, each determine the length of time needed on the design,along with what you can expect to invest for the design of your book. For example, if you have illustrations, photos, images etc., the design fee will be more than a book without these elements. To engage us to please email us an overview of your manuscript including;

      • Word page count
      • What level of design you require - standard or creative
      • Timeline of when you require the design complete
      • What dimensions your book needs to be in (height and width)
      • Front cover design if you have it
      • Any ideas of design you have seen that you would like (optional


      How the formatting process works with us...  

    • You email us your edited manuscript in a Word document 
    • We check it and provide a quote for formatting before commencement—50% of the fee is to be paid before work commences. The balance is paid upon completion. 
    • 3 design drafts of around 9 pages are emailed to you to select the style you prefer
    • The manuscript goes into formatting (approx 4-5 weeks)
    • The formatted file is then emailed back to you for review
    • You review, approve, or advise design changes if required
    • Design changes are free—however if you change the design of headings, fonts and style from that of the design draft you first selected, an addition fee will be charged as these changes can move your books entire content around and the designer will need to begin designing it from scratch
    • Editing changes (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence or paragraph amendments) are a cost of $25 per page changed as these are to be made before designing begins
    • The designer updates changes if there are any and the finalised formatted book file is then sent back to you. You pay the balance owing from your formatting invoice and you're ready to move into printing.



        We have what we think is THE best book cover designer in the world! Ok we may be a little biased, but we love his work and so do our clients! Book covers can either make or break your book. It's vital that your book cover attracts your reader. It really needs to connect and draw your readers attention right away—there's a LOT of competition out there, and your book cover needs to stand out. It convey's your book's personality. It has to be perfect. No home design jobs will do when it comes to your book jacket! Book covers begin from $599 + GST. To begin, please email us the following details;

        • Your book title
        • The cover content
        • The back cover content
        • Your barcode and ISBN number
        • The dimensions your book needs to be in (height and width) 
        • Any ideas or images you have if you have something in mind (don't worry if you have no idea - that's what a great designer does - they get creative on your behalf!)



        Over 50% of book sales in the USA are digital books, and Australia is catching up fast! So if you haven't had your book converted into a digital format for devices such as Kindle or iPad—you could be missing out on LOTS of exposure that many just launch your book onto a global platform, not to mention increase your book royalty bank balance! Ebook conversions begin at $599 + GST so it's affordable and gives you another opportunity to share your work with a wider audience. To get started, please email the following;

        • Your formatted book
        • Your front cover
        • The digital ISBN number
        • Formats you want your book in (for e.g., .ePub, .Mobi)
        • Timeline you need the eBooks by (most eBooks take around 2-3 weeks to convert)



         Website design

        We create simple, yet effective websites like this one for new business owners and authors. We work with our client on what pages and functionality their website needs to be an important marketing and sales vehicle. Ongoing fees such as website and email hosting, domain name and functionality apps are at additional costs and be charged to the client as per supplier's terms and conditions. We check everything with you and don't do a thing until you approve it. The websites we create are user friendly and easy to update yourself. The website software provider gives you 24 hour/7 days a week support and assistance after we have handed the website over to you. They also have loads of training video's if you should require a visual step-by-step on how to do anything yourself after you have taken possession of your site. A one hour training session is provided upon hand over. Website creation starts from $999 + GST. Email us for details.