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I've been in this exciting book industry as an Author, Marketer, Writers Mentor, Book Producer, Publisher and Distributor for over 15 years helping hundreds and hundreds of new and experienced authors write, publish and market their books. It is a fantastic career and one that can completely change your world if you are passionate about your work, and committed to the adventure!

In my experience over the years, there are 4 areas writers need support and guidance in most—the writing of their book, the producing of their book, the marketing of their book, and also the business of their book.

I can help, guide, encourage, cheer and support you in ALL of those areas having been there and done that. I have written 10 bestselling books of my own, have sold millions of copies of my books globally, mentored hundreds of authors and I've been publishing other peoples books now for almost 10 years too.

You're in safe and dedicated hands with me and my team. I am hands on and invested each step of the way, I know my stuff and LOVE helping authors share their stories and bring their books to life. 

If you're ready to begin your authoring adventure, I look forward to walking and steering you through the steps to achieve your goals!


Writing Mentoring and Self-Published Essentials Package 

Everything a new writer needs! 


Self-Published Essentials Package 

For the author who has written their book and is ready to have it edited, formatted, designed and printed!


8 Week Writers Mentoring Program

For the writer who needs accountability and support to get their book written! 


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