4 Week Write Your Book VideoClass

Write your book - Share your story - Help others - Boost your income - Increase your credibility!

Learn how to write a book in this sensational 4 week live video class with one of the country's highest selling authors. 

It's one thing to know how to write a book, it's another to write one that is capable of selling millions of books globally! Learn from one of the best in the industry. 


In 4 weeks, you will have step-by-step, week-by-week live guidance on how to write a book, and you'll learn;

  • How to get organised, and prepare yourself to write
  • How to get your ideas from your head onto paper 
  • How to construct a book draft 
  • What elements your book will need and why
  • How to begin writing
  • How to develop a writers rhythm 
  • How to keep your writing momentum 

PLUS you will learn about;

  • The unique writing system I've developed that enables authors to write faster, easier and helps them go from good to GREAT!  

You will be privy to my immense experience as a writer, publisher, distributor, marketer and author mentor!

In 4 weeks you will not just have begun writing, but you'll also have a healthy start to a brilliant book manuscript, and all the steps you need to complete your book!

AND you will have access to our fabulous Authors Support Group to ask your questions, be encouraged, get ideas, support others along their journey and more!

You will also learn what happens AFTER your book has been written, what you can expect and who you need next to bring your book to life!


Lock in the date and get ready to take your book idea and transform it into a book you can be proud of!

Write day or night; at home, on holidays, commuting to work – whenever and wherever!

“Because of your program I wrote my book in 12 weeks, after it had been a dream for 12 months. For that I will always be grateful xx” Lisa-Marie Kerr

“You really made my day when I received such a good response to my writing. It has made me more determined to get it done as soon as I can. Within 2 hours I was able to reach 1500 words without even trying. It is flowing, thank for your encouraging words”
Rosemary McLean

* The next scheduled video classes are; 30th May 8.30pm

* Please note, this is a group video class with other participants joining

* The classes are recorded so you can access them later or catch up if you miss one before the next one is scheduled.