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As a women with spirit member, you will come into my world, and I will come into yours via video link to unpack a fantastic tool box of proven strategies that will help you live life without limits, without self-sabotage, without guilt, without anxiousness and without self-doubt.

'I really struggle with any kind of program that makes me look at me! REALLY look at me! Programs that take you out of your comfort zone, and challenge your beliefs. But I trusted Rachael. She made me feel safe to open up because she is honest. You get the real Rach. No bullshit! Truthfully, it was scary. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s worth it!' JD

Join me to find your purpose, clarify your vision, live your passion, develop balance, connection, and achieve your goals and personal fulfilment with this incredible program. 

Over 4 weeks I will show you how to;

  • Get clarity on where you're heading and why
  • Gain insight into what is holding you back, how to stop it AND see it for what it really is
  • Find out what level you've set yourself at, how to increase that level, and change lanes to achieve what you really want—without blocks, procrastination and guilt
  • Have a step-by-step plan on living the life you really want and achieving your personal and professional goals

and also,

  • Each week for 1 month I'll be mentoring you  
  • You'll be kept accountable each week to moving forward and taking the action that will make a BIG difference to your world in all the best ways
  • Each day, every day throughout the year, you can jump online and meet, connect, be encouraged and encourage other Women with Spirit too!


  • You will have access to video classes throughout the year at members prices as well!

Heya beautiful Rachael, thank you! I immensely enjoyed the 4 sessions with you & the other ladies. You provided a safe environment where we were able to express our true selves & opinions. You have an easy approach & are genuine. 

We laughed, we cried—loved it & I didn't want it to end. If you are thinking of doing this program just do it! I would recommend this program to women wanting to  learn more about themselves, open up, get real & have some real tools to use.' Karen S.

Flick your fears, change the patterns that keep playing out and sabotaging you—and join this incredible program and group. It will be just the breath of fresh air you need to level up, and begin living the life you know you have wanted, but haven't had the confidence, or support behind you to go out and claim. 

Join now!


  • Gain access to incredible video classes that will change your world!
  • Become crystal clear in where you're heading
  • Have strategies that help you get there
  • Tools and resources that smash patterns and blocks that sabotage you from achieving what you want to achieve
  • Balance—live life without being anxious, overwhelmed, stressed
  • Connect with other women who desire the same things as you and come from a beautiful soul space to cheer you on, build you up, encourage you within our private online group
  • Be supported and mentored throughout by me—I'll help you along the way so you can become all you're destined to become, and achieve what you want to achieve
  • Step-by-step instruction, guidance and information 
  • Access to the online group of other Women with Spirit members

'THANK YOU DEAREST RACH! You absolutely have made a difference to my life. You remind me who I AM and WHO I CAN BE. You are authentic, honest, fun, approachable and soulful' TK

  • Upon joining, you will receive an email from me with times and dates for your first video class 
  • This is a live video program - you will see me (and on some classes you will also see other women on the class) and I will see you :-) You can turn off your video and audio at any time though.

  • No recordings are permitted at any time and will be classed as a breach of copyright. We can however record the class if you can't make one so it can be sent to you to watch. You will have 24 hours to do this. 

  • Membership is non refundable and non transferable.

 Begin here now!

Save by paying $197 upfront now
email us here to book and pay later with our payment plan of
$39.99 per week x 5 weeks

When you book, please tell me if you prefer day time contact or after hours contact. 

I look forward to mentoring you!