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Transform your idea into a book!

Perfect for people who have been dreaming of writing a book but don't know where, or how to get started. 

In 6 x 35min sessions spread out over 2 months, you will;

* Organise your book ideas 
* Design your book overview
* Find out what book components you will need, and where to put them
* Know the difference between self-publishing and publishing, and which is best for you
* Understand your reader, and what they want from your book
* Discover what the book production process looks like, what you need to do, and when you need to do it
* How much it costs for book editing, formatting and design 
* When is the best time to release your kind of book
* What book distribution and publishing options you have
* You will also begin writing!
* And receive professional writing guidance and instruction along the way
* Your writing will also be reviewed along the way

More about Writers Mentoring;

I've helped authors for many years now and the one thing they all have in common is a great idea and a desire to write a book, but they have no idea where to begin. It's really difficult for them to organise their thoughts and ideas onto paper. Most end up just putting it in the too hard basket without even beginning, which is so sad because they have a brilliant idea but the task seems overwhelming. 

In the 13 years of being in the book industry, I have made countless mistakes when writing my own books, editing my books, formatting my books, designing them, marketing them, distributing them, and the list goes on!

In the beginning I was like every other author, I had NO idea where to begin or how to go about it. Many years, mistakes and trial and error later I am a pro! The process is so easy I can do it blind folded now! These days I can quickly and easily organise my own, or other people's ideas into a manuscript layout into the time most people have a lunch break!

There have been countless writers who have really struggled with this—after 30 minutes on the phone with me, their book takes shape—they have an awesome book plan at their finger tips knowing where to begin and what to write. 

When I first started I didn't know what the difference between self-publishing and publishing was, what a distributor was, how to get my books into book stores, what to price them at, what components of a book I needed, how to know who my reader was, who I needed to contact to transform my manuscript into a book for sale and more!

There's a lot to know. On the rare occasion a writer gets lucky and writes, produces and markets their books to great success. Some would say I was one of these people—but the truth is, I wasn't. It took me years of very hard work, putting in very long hours making loads of mistakes, wasting precious time, and losing a bucket load of money before I got it right.  

You really need to have travelled that journey, have a great understanding of all elements of the book industry before you can help someone to write not just a good book, but a great book!

I am fortunate that journey has enabled me to be at the place I now am where I can be a valuable resource for new and experienced writers. 

Each writer requires a variation of help, guidance and support, in the writing mentoring I can cover any of the following depending on where you're at and what you need. 

  • Organising your ideas
  • Book planning
  • Book layout
  • Manuscript components
  • Book editing
  • Book formatting
  • Book design
  • The things you need before you market your book
  • Publishing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Sales and ordering systems
  • Ebooks
  • Printing information
  • The book production process
  • Book covers
  • Book synopsis
  • International book tracking systems
  • Book retailing communication
  • Book signings
  • Book events

And to be honest there is so much more including speaking, networking etc. 

No one has time to throw around, and we all want our goals to manifest FAST, but few have the understanding and know how to do it independently, let alone do it quickly. Most people I have come into contact with need support, direction, and encouragement. Mentoring provides that and a whole lot more!

What is included;
* 6 x 30min private over the phone mentoring sessions (spread throughout a 6 weeks period)
* A  session overview and action checklist emailed to you
* Review of your writing in between each session
* Access to relevant resources where needed 
* Email support throughout the 6 week duration of your mentoring program

What to know;
* Each session is pre-scheduled during business hours Wednesdays.
* Pay $997 now or opt for a payment plan at a slightly higher amount of $350 deposit to get you started, and $99 thereafter per week for 7 weeks. Please email us if you wish to take up this option. 

I look forward to mentoring you!
Best wishes,